Britney Spears’ manager talks about returning to family, work

The return of Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, has ended the talk of a possible future in Hollywood with Oprah Winfrey and an inside source says, like many things in Britney’s life, the speculation has been ‘overblown.’

Her old man, Jamie Spears says he’s happy she’s doing well, but notes that she won’t be answering to any one person now and when a focus group of her fans is paid off she’ll always focus on them, and not on Oprah or anyone else.

“The first thing I feel is pride that she’s doing good. She’s a masterful mom, a masterful human being and she’s a talented, gifted, icon. It’s just nice to see her living her best life,” he said.

Rudolph walked into the lives of Britney and her children three years ago, just as it was coming to an end for her father. In the past year, Larry has made a name for himself as the interpreter for the Spears family. The media spotlight has been on them since the beginning.

“When you’re growing up in Hollywood the media is like a fire hose and when I first met Britney, she was like 5 months pregnant and she was gone and she was tired,” says Rudolph. “By the time she came back to the showbiz thing I was like, ‘Oh, I can help you communicate with the people in Los Angeles that really matter.’ The most important thing to her is her family.”

Rudolph says Britney is on the same page as her father about whether to be seen in public and how much time she wants to spend making movies and music videos.

“She has a real progressive appreciation of what it takes to be happy and she has a real progressive understanding of balancing being a star with what’s best for the kids and she’s getting better and better at that each day.”

Rudolph’s favorite TV show? “Mom.” That’s his one show.

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