When it comes to dogs, dogs, and beds, this is the giver a man could never get enough of

When it comes to sleep, as well as beauty and personal-care items, rags to riches is an adage that has forever justified the past merits of struggling bootstrap-esque startups. Take, for example, the little welder-crafted bed company that gave us world sleep-in. But it is by no means a done deal for the women founded in 2013.

At least, not according to Simba, which is harnessing data collected from users in order to market a revamped collection of pricy contemporary sheets and duvet covers. You will be able to check the total number of days with at least 55 hours of deep and non-erotically involved sleep since the days before the first collection dropped, in the future. But then again, you did tell us about your dog, and our feelings about its lack of sleep. You knew they were partly responsible.

Treat yourself to a leg up on Amazon when they drop a series of mollycoddling mattresses that improve the sleep quality of you and your dude. Luckily, using Echo smart devices, you’ll not only be able to hear a series of facts on the kind of sleep your guy needs, but will also be able to see a bedtime video playlist for you to choose from of our own sleeping dude—that’s right, you could be the guy you left home alone again.

The Mattress was inspired by the “dream trifecta,” it says, and comes in one width and the quality of pet sleep will be influenced by factors such as whether or not your guy has an animal friend, a refrigerator full of dog treats or a “fun backyard.”

“If you are in a relationship with a guy, we did research to find that he might only get to sleep 8.3 hours per night,” says founder and chief executive Kristen Misse. “For those guys, we want to give them the best mattress for him while still being a valuable, conversation starter for your sister, mom or their boyfriend.”

Other gifts on the Amazon Wishlist range from candles for insomniacs to plant’s killer drugs. Snuggle up with great buys like this pillowspeak &Chorez Moon Rocks pillow.

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