You can now keep track of crimes committed against students in Canada

You can also use the same tool to search for missing persons reports in Ontario.

Parent advocacy group Teens Helping Other People is reviewing requests for help from parents and families who are frustrated by what the group says is the inconsistent response from schools and the Ontario government to cases of sexual assault and abuse against students in school.

John Carpay, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa and the organization’s president, said that the group’s focus right now is on raising awareness, to prompt accountability and to put pressure on the province to fix a system that doesn’t work well for victims.

“We are hoping to bring the system to a proper state of being where both the Government of Ontario and the school system recognize the problem,” he said.

“What we have is a school system that is, basically, saying that because a child has not been assaulted, we shouldn’t have to worry about it.”

WATCH BELOW: You can track the date and venue of each case

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