Nova Scotia grows interest in diesel-powered technology

Every day in British Columbia and Alberta, there are more than 7,000 collisions with vehicles. On average, 90 people die each year in the province and it is now home to four motor vehicle fatalities per 100,000.

Gens de la Saskatchewan: a story of a soon-to-be-state in Canada’s north

To solve the challenge of carnage on the highways in northern Canada, a thousand volunteers of all ages from the Indigenous Gens de la Saskatchewan came together, 12 men and women from five diverse Cree, Haida, and Inuit nations. Together they developed a new game. It was an art project, but it also took on a mission: to teach young drivers to be safe, to instill in them the pride of being proud to drive.

Gens de la Saskatchewan recently launched their first vehicle safety video for Lower Mainland news media. The thing is, the narrator doesn’t speak English, so all you can hear is “And honours and high hopes to the new Gens de la Saskatchewan, who don’t just march in sorrow but march in hope”. And also, “Bless and honour the great Gens de la Saskatchewan.”

A car safety video by the Gens de la Saskatchewan was released at 48:00 on August 14, 2019

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