Majority of working families work from home

The 12th annual home information survey by US News & World Report provides new insights and data on working families with children. Covering more than 25 million home-owning families in every state, this year’s results reveal that about 1 in 4 families with children—roughly 14.6 million—work from home on a regular basis. Two-thirds of the respondents (or 11.3 million families) said they don’t work from home, but those that do admit to maintaining a positive home environment to boost their work performance.

Although about 60% of respondents who work from home say their homes are less likely to become homesick for their former job or workplaces, another 20% say the average suburban home can be as isolating as a corporate office. And while most (77%) of respondents who work from home are married with children, single women make up slightly more than one in five of these families (21.5%). The biggest challenges faced by working families are keeping routine work and social connections in the home, poor sleeping habits and restricted schedules, and lack of community support.

US News polled more than 2,000 families on their work-life balance, budgets, number of employees and the quality of community resources and support.

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