US TV star goes head-to-head with Microsoft billionaire in Xbox competition

Things rarely go better than this: Quest designed, painted and inked up his own Xbox to do battle with the game’s leader, Bill Gates

Seeing a healthy 64-year-old man manipulating a gleaming console is hardly the sort of thing usually on YouTube. But all that changed on Thursday evening. CNN’s Richard Quest and technology correspondent Arjun Seth teamed up to carve a pattern into the translucent casing of an Xbox One, which was then dramatically carried out by the pair, who battled it out using controllers.

Arjun Seth and Richard Quest did battle at Microsoft HQ.

The event, which took place at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, was part of Quest’s new year’s resolution to beat the 8m public votes won by Gates in 2017’s Microsoft Imagine Cup competition.

After a brief survey of Quest’s progress, Seth declared: “Hip hip hooray … and we’re off!” Quest appeared to fall way behind after hacking the system with his mobile phone, but quickly recovered to challenge Seth to a fist fight. His faster running, although slightly quieter in the stakes, saw him eventually win.

“I’m excited to have a partner,” Quest told Seth, “someone who’s exactly like me.”

Seth, meanwhile, enjoyed a short moment of fame. “Of course we’re cool about the 6th straight win for Bill Gates. It’s really a lovely accomplishment to have beaten everyone out there,” he told Quest.

After the gathering the pair took a quick selfie for the cameras. Quest recently announced that he would be swapping broadcasting for wine tasting as he entered the executive coaching business.

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