Freelancers are the future of work – and no one knows how to tap into it better than Chris Yeh

In our latest episode of Girls in Tech, our podcast series that celebrates the best and brightest on the global tech scene, we talked to one of the founders of an in-demand and growing multibillion-dollar industry.

Freelancers are, increasingly, the leading edge of the future of work. I spoke to the co-founder of – Chris Yeh, who is headed up the global economy of freelancers.

Freelancing is not new – it’s been around for centuries and may even be rooted in the fact that most traders and chaps were initially independent. But for most of history, workers could only be paid if they were able to get out and manage their own destinies.

Of course, making these conditions more flexible is exactly what “do-it-yourselfers” are doing, both in the physical world, as in the mechanical, technical and fundamental revolutions of the last few decades, and in digital and telecoms sectors.

By having strong global communities for freelance work – from on-demand ecommerce to freelance cloud-computing – and embracing technological shifts, such as the rise of a billion plus people who have been empowered by online tools, we can revolutionise work.

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