List: Countries that could take illegal immigrants fleeing Trump’s security crackdown

1. Italy

After it canceled a controversial deal to allow the Trump administration to house migrant families at a children’s shelter in the southern Italian city of Bari, the Italian government is saying it would be willing to host families if it was the Trump administration.

2. U.K.

Britain is struggling to regain its reputation as a safe haven for tourists, since news emerged in March that the country’s tabloids had engaged in a conspiracy to deliberately incite racist attacks during the Brexit campaign.

3. Australia

In February, the majority of Australians voted to deny citizenship to babies born to immigrants until they are 18 years old, saying it would deter migrants from coming to the country.

4. New Zealand

Although the small U.S. ally would seem like a logical option for Americans who want to say goodbye to President Trump, there have been numerous incidents since the president entered office and visits to the United States have been cancelled.

5. Netherlands

After Trump revoked a senior court official’s immigration credentials for having previously been affiliated with Amnesty International, Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Integration Lodewijk Asscher tweeted that the Dutch are “working hard to welcome migrants,” but will not accept political donations from Trump administration officials.

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