Monaco Grand Prix now will return to two-day format after 2020, not four

The Monaco Grand Prix will not return to a four-day format, after Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said the controversial and declining race would now not return to that format after 2022.

The most successful racing team in F1 history won its 21st race last Sunday in Spain. Despite record-high attendances for the Sunday race, another 36,000 more tickets were not sold than the year before.

Speaking on Sunday night, Wolff said the decision by officials to not repeat the three-day event had been taken to reflect better commercial opportunities.

“We can say that after due consideration F1 wants to go back to a three-day format that brings increased value to the category and the category itself,” Wolff said.

“The three-day format has proved to be positive and lucrative for both teams and the category. But Monaco was unable to continue on the three-day format.

“Despite great effort to reverse the trend of declining attendance and having a strong corporate attendance of over 95,000, the three-day format failed to deliver the balance required between improved value for the category and Monaco,” said Wolff.

Monaco will now be in a two-day format in July, with the race itself in early September.

It will remain with F1 as the Italian Grand Prix. Wolff also said no decision had been made on a replacement race in Italy.

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