Students Arrested For Breaking Into Colosseum For Beer

It was a beer instead of a drink: eight students have been arrested for breaking into Rome’s Colosseum last week to drink beer.

Rome’s environment ministry arrested the students after they broke into the 16th century monument Tuesday, The reports.

The school, Metropolitano for the Monographic Education of Rome (SUI), allegedly borrowed keys from their tour guide and escaped.

Inside, the uninvited visitors broke beer bottles off the bar, drinking 12 bottles and bringing the tanks up to the fourth floor, according to The The students then destroyed security cameras by repeatedly dropping glass shards off the balcony, where they stood.

One of the students has claimed that the museum officials “screwed up.”

“I love the Colosseum — all of the tours are very well-run. But it’s really sad when they die in the water,” the student is quoted as saying in a statement from the New York Post.

The four adults and four students are expected to be brought to court Monday.

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