Florida governor’s son makes touching Thanksgiving wish heard all over the world

Written by Mac Smith, CNN

As American families across the country were getting in touch with their family this past week, one Florida family sent out a recording letting people know they were “here for y’all.”

That recording was picked up by TV outlets across the US and the world, and became quite the Thanksgiving theme.

The happy message from 25-year-old Tydan Butler, his wife, Ashley and daughter, Gabrielle, to be sure caught all the attention and melted hearts across the land.

Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor, also got in on the act, sharing on his Twitter account a photograph from the Grand Canyon with the message: “God Bless Your Service, Governor @RonDeSantisFL #Thanksgiving.”

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota even admitted it’s not too far off from what she would say to her family at the table.

CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota, left, and Zoraida Sambolin. Credit: Don Lemon/CNN

“If only some of my relatives and friends knew I was out of town that morning. I could have made the welcoming call to say I would be keeping your holiday spirits light with a little love from my cousin Mark on ‘Good Morning America’ and the dad I love so much,” she wrote.

The sentiments of the state’s new governor mirrored those of Democratic Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

“The Joplin tornado, Hurricane Harvey, the hurricanes of Maria and Lee. Each and every one of these catastrophes can be traced back to one thing. Not the inability of resources to scale the enormous challenges they face. But the ineptitude of politicos in Washington, New York and San Francisco who dedicate themselves to advancing their own agendas and staying out of our way,” he wrote in his Thanksgiving message.

“The politicians who bemoan politicians as ‘the problem,’ but aren’t listening or taking action. I’ll never forget #Stormontown when the metro got shut down as many townspeople stayed in their homes and souls were broken,” he said.

He also called for more unity and less hatred in politics.

“I’m already here for y’all. Not because I need your votes or money or something. I’m here because love unites us all. Unity doesn’t come from a majority vote or a president’s tweets or executive orders,” he wrote.

On the subject of his second term, DeSantis wrote: “If you are feeling discouraged about our country and what it might mean to you as a Floridian for your children and grandchildren, please don’t leave home. I promise we will do everything we can to make sure the progress we have made doesn’t grind to a halt.”

He also singled out the Florida National Guard, which he said helped in many areas after Hurricane Michael.

His wife’s recording was intended as a thank you for those agencies but went viral all the same.

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