Opie & Anthony Listen to a Farming Farm

Opie & Anthony recently hosted a one-hour visit at NJ Community Farms, a farm that cultivates using techniques and principles that focus on fostering health, appreciation and the joy of community. Located in Readington, New Jersey, it provides fresh produce, healthy foods and services for its residents. It’s time to get out and see what’s happening in Readington as it moves forward.

Hosted by Frankie Santoro of NJ Local News, the show featured Jonathan Carr of Projeto Calabro, owner Jason West of NJ Community Farms, and NJ State Senator Bob Gordon (D-Burlington, Hunterdon, Somerset, Sussex, Warren and Middlesex). Readington has long attracted residents from surrounding suburbs, central New Jersey, and beyond, because of its charming feel, vibrant downtown, and outdoor-themed events, like Free Works Festival. But Readington is far from being static.

Funding is heavily dependent on a revolving funding program managed by the federal government. With this coming federal government shutdown, that availability is on the verge of being removed.

Heads were nodding throughout Readington. By finding sustainable agricultural businesses like NJ Community Farms, Readington is capitalizing on the economic benefits the growing food industry has to offer it, while still maintaining an idyllic farm community feel. The three hosts and their partners spoke passionately about why we should support such businesses as well as why it’s important to fight for agricultural jobs and subsistence to remain permanent parts of modern New Jersey.

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