Tips for flying out from a flight attendant

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If you’re reading this on a tablet or phone, check your flight attendant etiquette.

A recent survey by global travel site World Traveller asked UK flight attendants how you should behave at airport departure gates.

Our pick of their top tips:

If you want to check in at home and fly out, check in first. We like to avoid the queues at the arrival gate.

Do not run if there’s an announcement in English or a different language.

Do not be rude and walk through the arrivals queue if there’s already a traveller with the same number of bags in front of you.

Expect delays in boarding from six to 10 seconds.

Have patience. Things will move along.

Pack light. Every 1kg of clothing weighs 1,600g.

We can do a better job packing your bag than you can.

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It’s also important to ensure there are plenty of bags in each bag.

Don’t argue with flight attendants if they ask you to take your bag to the overhead compartment on the other side of the cabin.

Do not rely on your own thoughts. If the instructions are in different languages, look it up on the flight arrival website.

Make sure you are packing your own toiletries and toilet paper.

Be open-minded. Don’t always go for the things you know.

The expert opinion was that every European flight attendant told the same story of a group of Chinese tourists who couldn’t understand what the flight attendant was saying.

The take-away message? Stand back a little and take notes, then take the time to get the facts straight.

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