South Korean engineers build 14-foot water filter out of wastewater

A water filter and electrical system developed in South Korea by Chongqing Machine Hall of Engineering went on display Friday at the ITEX Expo in Hong Kong. “We used wastewater from the industrial plant to design the products,” Yuan Yu, the head of Chongqing Machine Hall of Engineering’s department of mechanical engineering, told Fox News.

“Water from the factory was mixed with oxygen,” he said. “The oxygen mixed with the anti-static material from the factory cuts the charge within the anti-static pump, “saving energy.”

According to Yu, the company’s 5-million-dollar prototype wastewater-based water filtration system made by engineers on site has 12 outlets and one chemical filter. It also has a number of compartments that can accommodate multiple reuse.

Other types of water filtration systems incorporate solar panels. Yu claims the solar setup at ITEX provides water filtration that could completely replace the Singapore River sewage treatment system.

The company, which was founded in 1987, currently has seven products on sale in South Korea, including ballast pumps, hydraulics, and valves.

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