The Dolphins: Here are everything you need to know about the 2019 AFC East champs

Don’t worry, it is not too late to decide on the Dolphins.

In a 4-0 start to the NFL season, a season in which the Dolphins (6-9) finished with a four-game losing streak, many thought the David Hyde-led Gang Green was doomed.

But the Dolphins are good. They’re great. They’re stacked. And here is why.

More offense

Miami finished in the top 20 in total offense and in the top 15 in both points scored and average points per game. “The best time to play the Miami Dolphins is during the fourth quarter,” and “South Florida is ready to welcome the Miami Dolphins” are some of the more popular phrases.

The Tigers (of Miami)

Yes, the current starting quarterback for the Dolphins is responsible for Clemson’s victory over Alabama last season. “I’m from South Florida, so I was born there, I was raised there, I’m used to it,” Kizer said this week during his NFL Network appearance. “I’ve played it. Every NFL team has a fan base. So it doesn’t really mean too much to me. It’s all in good fun.”

The Falcons if they let Lane Kiffin

First impressions matter — especially in the NFL. We’re likely to be looking at this team long after Tua Tagovailoa’s head is in a trash can. Matt Ryan, the NFL’s reigning MVP, had three interceptions in the first half of last year’s defeat against the Dolphins, “the ugly game.” That interception led to an epic upset that stunned the nation.

To get you even more excited for the 2020 season, we have compiled a checklist to ensure the Dolphins will not be a non-playoff team.

Will the offensive line that just got extension be tested? Can pass rusher take home 2017 Super Bowl ring? Or can Kizer or Kizer-Fitzgerald finish 2018 on tear? What about Tua Tagovailoa? Can Todd Gurley put down the frying pan and pick up the breadpan? Please offer a response in the comments!

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