WATCH: Why we’re so interested in activism today

Have an interest in activism? Equal Justice Initiative president Bryan Stevenson isn’t surprised by the spike in news coverage around MLK Day (the 59th anniversary of his assassination), and activism as a whole, since President Trump took office. That trend is reflected in a new CNN poll that finds nearly two-thirds of Americans now believe there is “too much focus on politics” and “too much emphasis on what divides us.” Stevenson represents not just one opinion among those polled, however, but the 98 percent of Americans who do, as a result, believe that much of today’s news coverage concentrates on what divides the country rather than what unites us. If you believe in equality, that’s just the climate you want. Vote for your favorite Top 10 CNN Hero right here.

If you want to learn more about the Top 10 CNN Hero program, here are some links:

How do we find this achievement? The Top 10 CNN Hero contest is divided into three major contest categories:

America Remembers, which is for people whose accomplishments show a desire to help others.

Cause to Resist, which is for people who do not just fight for the rights of others, but also create the most enduring and persuasive change that we may live to see.

Standing up to Be Heard, which honors those who have worked for months or years to take a stand.

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